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Thanks for visiting Busschers Septic Tank & Excavating Service’s website! We are West Michigan’s leading Septic Tank and Excavating service provider! We have been in business for over 50 Years and are family owned and operated. We take pride in quality work and excellent service. Call our office today and let the #1 Company in West Michigan Take care of your #2 Problems!

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We offer a wide variety of Excavating Services at your disposal. No job is too big or too small! We offer a complete beginning-to-end package to meet all of your excavating needs. With our 3 Backhoes, 3 Cranes, 2 Dozers, 3 Posi Tracks, Multiple Dump Trucks, Short Double Trucks and Lead Semi Truck Services, there is nothing we can’t handle. Learn More

Septic Tank Services

We have been installing and repairing septic tank systems for over 50 years. Whether it is a completely new system or a repair, we will work with you from the beginning. We can pull the permits for you and work with you to get the system where it works best for you! We manufacture our own concrete pre-cast tanks, and we have licensed plumbers on our team. We have also worked on many systems in the critical dune area along Lake Michigan and we work with the MDEQ to adhere to all standards in maintaining proper codes and regulations in these critical areas. Learn More

Pumping Services

Our Pumping Division can handle all of your Pumping Service needs. We recommend having your residential septic tanks pumped every 3 to 4 years depending on your housing situation. Busschers can also handle all Commercial and Industrial Septic Tanks and Holding Tanks. We will also Pump Restaurant Grease Traps, and with advance notice we can pump just about anything. Learn More

Stone & Tile

Our Stone & Tile division handles all foundation drainage jobs from new houses to repairs. We can fix cracks in the foundation and waterproof them so it never happens again. With our 2 Stone/Sand Slinger Trucks, we can put the material where ever you need it placed. Learn More


  • Great customer service and quality. Thanks! -Joyce

  • Everything was great!

  • I could barely tell where the lawn was dug up he did such a good job!

  • Friendly customer service, quality, and thorough.

  • Customer service like it’s supposed to be. Great job!

  • I would have hated this job. Previous owners never pumped either tank, baffle was off–but they fixed that plus installed risers, which I didn’t really need that bill… Was hoping for a simple pump out, but glad it is done now. Thanks!

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